Clinical or Medical Problems

The wonders of modern medicine are not far short of miraculous.  Equally as miraculous are the wonders of your own body’s ability to heal itself.

Hypnotherapy complements conventional medicine

Hypnotherapeutic techniques are increasingly being used to complement medical treatments. Techniques such as relaxation and imagery can speed up healing, moderate pain, and have been known to bring about ‘miraculous’ improvements.

I have been able to help clients:

  • to marshal their immune system’s strengths to counteract cancer
  • to moderate their immune system’s malfunctioning in auto-immune conditions such as lupus
  • to reduce the effects of IBS
  • to improve and manage chronic pain 
  • to ease pregnancy and child-birth
  • to reduce and stabilise blood pressure
  • to improve the management of diabetes

and more…

Find out how hypnotherapy could help you

If you are suffering from any severe or chronic medical condition call me and discover for yourself how hypnotherapeutic techniques might be able to help you to take a more active role in recovery from, or management of, the condition.  You can then decide if you want to learn and use such techniques.  And actively doing something to help yourself is likely to provide a huge boost to your morale.

Call me for an initial informative consultation to learn how I may be able to help.
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