There are many misunderstandings about hypnosis - there need not be.

Is hypnosis being asleep?
No. Though appearing to be asleep, a person in hypnosis is, in fact, fully conscious. S/he is often more acutely aware of sensations than normal.  S/he can hear what is said and can converse.

Is the hypnotherapist in control of my mind?  Can I be made to do things I don’t want to?
No. Hypnosis is not giving up control.  Being fully conscious and aware, no-one in hypnosis can be made to do, or say, anything that they would normally find offensive or objectionable.  

Isn’t hypnosis un-natural?
No.  On the contrary, everyone has hypnotic-like trances every day, e.g. in that period between sleeping and waking, or when sitting `glued' to the TV, unaware of other things happening around them, or when day-dreaming. 

Isn’t hypnosis just being relaxed?
No.  It is true that in hypnosis you generally feel very relaxed and being relaxed is a very pleasant feeling of calmness, which, in itself, is very beneficial.  Learning how to relax can be a very positive ‘side-effect' of a course of hypnotherapy. However, there is more to hypnotherapy than ‘simply’ being relaxed.

In addition to being relaxed, someone in hypnosis is very focused, or absorbed and the rational, thinking, part of the mind is quietened. This allows you to focus upon other parts of the mind that normally are unconscious. ‘Forgotten' memories may then be remembered, for instance, or helpful suggestions made which will unconsciously continue to influence behaviour and feelings.  This is the predictable process from which the healing qualities of hypnotherapy flow.

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Almost. Only very young children and people with a severe learning disability cannot enter hypnosis. Everyone else can, if they wish to, and if they cooperate with the therapist. The ease with which people ‘go into hypnosis’ differs from person to person and the depth of the relaxed state (or trance) varies from person to person and from one session to another.     

Is hypnotherapy safe?
As a therapy, hypnotherapy is very safe.  It has been practised (in it’s modern form) for over 150 years and there are no recorded instances of adverse consequences.  In recent years there have been stories in the press of people suffering from having taken part in stage shows, but even in these circumstances it is difficult to put the ‘blame’ solely on the hypnosis experienced during the show.


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