Psychological problems

As we go through life we develop habits and routines which, for the most part, help us to feel secure and confident.  Some, however, have undesirable consequences, such as the life-threatening risks of cigarette smoking, and obesity or, they are ‘simply’ embarrassing, such as nail biting.
We may also find that there are parts of us which are not in our conscious control e.g. when we experience a panic attack, or performance nerves when speaking in public or taking an exam or driving test.

Using hypnosis to break unwanted habits

Hypnosis can help you break your unwanted habits. It can help you gain control over all aspects of your life.  It can also instil ‘good’ habits such as improved concentration and the ability to re-call information.

Using hypnosis I have helped people to:

  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • stop biting their nails/pulling out their hair/chewing the skin on their fingers
  • overcome panic attacks
  • pass their driving test;
  • overcome phobias and irrational fears;
  • pass exams;

and more…

Find out how you could be helped

If you want to break an unwanted habit or gain control of some aspect of yourself, it would do you no harm to discover for yourself how hypnotherapeutic techniques could help you achieve your goal. 

Call me for your initial, no obligation, informative consultation to learn how I may be able to help.

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