Relaxation and Surgery:
How to be at your best in theatre

Are you waiting for an appointment to have a surgical operation, to ‘go under the knife?’  Feeling anxious about it?   Read on.  This is for you.

It is becoming increasingly accepted in medicine that what goes on in the mind affects what goes on in the body.   

This is very evident with regard to the effects of mental stress upon physical well-being.  

There is a substantial body of evidence, for instance, which demonstrates that stress has a detrimental effect on the functioning of the body’s immune system.  This in turn gives rise to increased susceptibility to infections and reduced ability to recover from ill-ness.

Being told that you need surgical treatment, of whatever degree of complexity or seriousness, is likely to cause you to feel stressed: the more serious the operation the greater the stress is likely to be, and this at a time when you would want your body’s natural defences and healing abilities to be as fit as possible to cope with the invasive treatment and to recover successfully and as quickly as possible.

The most effective antidote to stress is relaxation.  Learn how to relax, then practice the skill regularly (ie spend time relaxing,) and you will quickly counter-act the detrimental effects of stress.
To relate this to surgical treatment: the evidence from numerous studies clearly indicates that making time to relax in the days before and after an operation can bring considerable benefits.

These benefits include:
  1.  reduced feelings of anxiety;
  2. reduced use of anaesthetic;
  3. shorter stay in hospital;
  4. speedier recovery;
  5. reduced need for medication;
  6. general feelings of improved confidence and well-being;
  7. increased chances of a successful outcome.

If you are faced with having to have a ‘surgical procedure’ you might want to consider helping yourself by learning and practising some simple relaxation skills.  I can teach you such skills.  They are not difficult.

Contact me on 07836 679128 to arrange an initial appointment.

I can then explain more fully what is involved, show you the research evidence, and answer your questions.  There is no obligation on you to take things further if you are not entirely happy.  


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