Stress Related Problems

We live in stressful times.

Career pressures, financial pressures, family pressures, and the generally fast pace of life can combine to over-load our capacity to recover from the physiological changes that our bodies make in responding to stressful situations.

Chronic, un-remitting, stress can damage you

It can lead to a wide range of physical and emotional complaints and to serious illness if allowed to continue over a long period. Stress will exacerbate any medical condition and can be a factor contributing to infertility, depression, excessive drinking, over-eating, and reduced libido.  The list could go on.

Being able to relax is arguably the best counter-measure to stress.

Hypnotherapeutic and cognitive behavioural counselling techniques are very effective in reducing the adverse effects of chronic stress, such as anxiety states, panic attacks, loss of confidence etc. and learning better ways of managing stressful situations.

Using hypnosis I help people to:

  • learn to relax
  • reduce anxiety and panic
  • overcome stress-related depression;
  • learn more effective stress-management strategies
  • alleviate any condition that is being made worse by stress

If you are feeling under pressure and stressed-out it would do no harm to discover for yourself how relaxation and hypnotherapeutic techniques can help you manage to reduce the pressure.  You can then decide if you want to learn and use such techniques. 

Call me for an initial informative consultation to learn how I may be able to help.

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