Dear Alan,
I did it! With your help I am now liberated from my spectacled vision (Client had a fear of eye surgery.) My treatment is the best thing I have ever done to improve my life, but I wouldn’t have gone through it without your help. Thank you. Sue B.
just to let you know everything (the birth of my baby) went very smoothly. I managed to stay in control and did the whole thing with no pain relief…exactly how I wanted it to be. Emma S.
It’s a week since my hypnosis session (for the habit of picking at spots.) So far it has been a success! I’ve found that I can sit and watch TV with my hands doing nothing. It’s great!
Jane C.
Hi Alan,
Just back from my holiday. It went great (Client had developed acute anxiety about driving on motorways.) The driving went well, there and back. I had a couple of wobbles but managed to get myself together very quickly. Coming back I felt really confident and in control. At the moment the prospect of motorway driving seems really ok to me… which I wouldn’t say was the case six weeks ago. Jim D.
Dear Alan,
Thank you for helping me give up smoking. After smoking for 25 years and after various half-hearted attempts at giving up, since our last meeting (over four weeks ago) I have not smoked a cigar and am confident of continuing to be a non-smoker. I feel the help you gave was extremely valuable and the hypnosis was a very pleasant experience..especially since I am known as a true cynic of all things alternative. Martin T.
I would just like to thank you for all the help and support you gave me through those three dreadful months (when her husband left and disappeared.) I am absolutely certain I would not have got through iot without your kindness and concern. Debbie L.
Dear Alan,
Thank you again for all the help you have given me in using hypnosis to prepare for my exams. I came to see you about 18 months ago having struggled with one of my accounting exams. With your help I passed that exam and all the CIMA final stage papers after this. Adam W.


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