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Are you unhappy about some aspect of your life and want to change things? I well be able to help, I am a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

I have been in private practice since 1994 and I have helped hundreds of people to improve their lives.

My experience has led me to the conclude that hypnosis has the potential to help with an extraordinarily wide range of conditions that afflict us human beings, physically and psychologically.

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I offer a full range of hypnotherapeutic services: from helping to change un-wanted behaviours and habits (eg cigarette smoking) to alleviating serious illness.

Click on other pages for more information on the professional help I offer for  psychological, emotional, stress-related and clinical conditions. These include but are not limited to – depression, anxiety, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, weight reduction, IBS, and panic attacks.

Combined with relaxation training and confidence building, clinical hypnosis can help improve your self-esteem and personal relationships as well provide pain relief and help you stop smoking.

If you are unhappy about some aspect of your life and want to change things, then do find out more about how hypnotherapy may well be able help.

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